RAS Art Ballot/Auction" Exhibition Fundraiser


Art lovers, collector and friends of the RAS eagerly await this exhibition each year – an exciting day – be part of it and take home a fine Australian painting.

How does it work?   
Artists of the Society donate the paintings.
The paintings are hung on the walls and a catalogue is produced.
Ticket price for 2018 to be advised.
Ticket holders come to the gallery during the viewing times and list their favourite paintings.
At 12 noon we draw the tickets one by one until all tickets are drawn. When your ticket number is drawn out you say which painting you would like to have and the painting is taken off the wall and given to you.

Every person purchasing a ticket will choose a painting.  ** There are always more paintings on walls than tickets sold so that everyone has a choice of paintings.

Viewing Times:
Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm
Saturday and Sunday 11am to 4pm

Sunday Draw- everyone is seated – an air of excitement and anticipation as we approach 12 noon when the first ticket will be drawn –light refreshments served and our colorful lolly jar does the rounds a few times.  Come and be part of the fun.  There is a lucky door prize and three random prizes drawn on the day.

There is an auction following the Ballot draw – please register when purchasing your ticket.

For any information at all regarding the Ballot please speak to the co-coordinator, Christine Feher on 9955-or email to lavender@royalart.com.au

Tickets are limited so get in early and buy your RAS Art Ballot Ticket.